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Command Line

Command Line

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Rapise test scripts can be run from the command line.



The form of the command is:

cscript SeSExecutor.js path_to_sstest_file [evals]



path_to_sstest_file is a path to sstest file, e.g.  "C:\Program Files\Inflectra\Rapise\Samples\SmarteATM\SmarteATM.sstest"

evals (optional) is a statement like this:



varname is a global variable associated with an option in the Settings Dialog.  Global variables are prefixed with a g_. The global variables under the Execution and Recording headings can be found by clicking on the corresponding option in the Settings Dialog (see below):


commandline evals

Other variables include:



Exit Code

·0 indicates a pass
·1 indicates failure


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