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Internal Debugger

Internal Debugger

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The Internal Debugger provides Persistent Breakpoints, Control Execution, a Watch View, a Variable/Call Stack View,  and Tooltips.



To use the internal debugger, you must first install Microsoft Script Debugger .


You can choose the Internal Debugger on the Rapise Ribbon (Test tab > Debugging menu).

ribbon, test, debugging

The top drop-down menu has  four options.  Choose the Run with Internal Debugger option.


When you Playback your test script with a breakpoint, the debugging related menus and views will appear:

·The Debugging tab of the Ribbon
·The Watch View and Variable/Call Stack View


The following screenshot shows the placement of Debugging related functionality in Rapise:

internal debugger


See Also

·You can use the External Debugger to debug your scripts as well.