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Global Variables

Global Variables

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Global variables are variables that can be accessed anywhere in the script.  There are restrictions (specific to Rapise) as to where they may be placed in the test script.  These restrictions do not apply to any additional script files you write and then call from your test script.



Define your global variables in TestInit().  Because Rapise uses javascript, you can initialize global variables inside of functions.  See the sample TestInit() below.

function TestInit()


  number_of_visited_links = 0; //This variable becomes global

  var local_var = 5; //This variable is local for TestInit function



The keyword var gives variables local scope.  A variable initialized without the keyword var will have global scope.


The Script Recorder knows about the following functions: Test(), TestInit(), TestPrepare(), and TestFinish(). Do not declare global variables outside of one of the preceding four functions.  The Script Recorder alters the script each time it is run, and may erase your changes.


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