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Ribbon: Manual

Ribbon: Manual

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The Manual ribbon lets you record, edit and play manual tests that have either been created in Rapise or have been downloaded from Spira. Rapise provides powerful exploratory testing functionality that lets you rapidly create manual tests by simply clicking through the application rather than having to laboriously create test steps one at a time by hand.


These manual tests can then be either executed from within Rapise or saved to Spira so that they can be executed by any tester that has access to the Spira web interface. In addition, these manual steps can be used as the basis for test automation by linking specific test scenarios to manual test steps.


How to Open


You can open the Manual ribbon by either clicking on the Manual Steps icon on the main Test ribbon or clicking on the ManualSteps.rmt file in the Test Files tab.






·The main Save icon will save the current test to Spira, both the manual test steps and any automated testing files.

·The Reload icon will refresh the current test from the copy helds in Spira.

·The Save Local will save the manual test steps and any open automation files locally. You can use this to save files before doing a batch upload to Spira.






·The Add Step icon will add a new test step to the current manual test case displayed in the manual test editor.

·The Remove Step icon will remove the highlighted test step from the current manual test

·The ñ icon will move the highlighted test step one position higher in the current manual test

·The ò icon will move the highlighted test step one position lower in the current manual test


External Tools



·The View in Browser icon will display the current manual test inside the Spira web interface

·The New Incident icon will open the Incident Logging dialog box so that you can log a new incident in Spira.






·The Execute Manual icon will execute the current manual test. When you click the Execute Manual icon, you will be asked to save the test case to Spira, then the latest version from Spira will be downloaded into the Rapise manual test execution wizard so that you can start manual testing.

·The Release dropdown list displays the list of releases in the current Spira project:
You can then choose the appropriate release that the current test is being executed against.






·The Record Manual icon will start the Select Application to Record dialog box. This dialog box is the same one that you'll use for automated testing, however when you click through the application under test it will record manual test steps instead of automated script code.

·The Record Screenshots option will tell Rapise to capture the current screenshot when performing manual recording and include the screenshot with the recorded test step. These are two sub-options:

oRecord Whole Window - When checked, this will record the entire window. Warning, this may take up large amounts of disk space. Otherwise it will record just the object underneath the current cursor.

oRecord Cursor - This will record the location of the mouse pointer/cursor inside the image.