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Ribbon: Test

Ribbon: Test

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ribbon, test



The Test tab provides tools to help with creating and executing tests. It also provides the options to add web services and/or manual test steps to the current test.


How to Open

The Test tab is always available.



ribbon, test, file

The File section provides the following options:

·Save - saves the current test locally

·Save As - allows you to create a new, differently named copy of the test you are editing

·Save to Spira - allows you to save the Rapise test so that it updates the version in your Spira test management repository

·Open Test from Spira - allows you to open a Rapise test that is stored in a SpiraTest test management repository

·Manual Steps - displays the Manual Test Steps Ribbon that lets you view and edit the manual tests associated with this test.

·Web Services - allows you to add a new web service definition to your Rapise test. Clicking on this displays the Add Web Service dialog box.


Recording and Learning

ribbon, test, record-learn

Press the Record/Learn button to open the Recording Activity Dialog.



ribbon, test, debugging

The top drop-down list specifies if you would like to use an External Debugger.  If so, you can either connect on execution (the Run with External Debugger option) or only connect if an error occurs (the Run External Debugger on Error option).

The lower drop-down list controls the Verbosity Level.



ribbon, test, executing

Press Play to execute the test script (*.js) file associated with the open test.  You can change which test script to open in the Settings Dialog.  The test script is specified by Settings > ScriptPath.



ribbon, test, tools

The Tools section provides the following options:

·The Spy button opens the Spy Dialog.

·Press the Options button to open the Options Dialog.

·The Find in Files button opens the Find and Replace Dialog.

·The Object Mgr button opens the Object Manager add-in.

·Spira Properties allows you to see the name of the SpiraTest project and test case that the current Rapise test is linked to.



ribbon, test, help

The Help button opens the Rapise user's manual and makes the Contents tab visible.

The Search Help button opens the Rapise user's manual and makes the Search tab visible.

The Help Index button opens the Rapise user's manual and makes the Index tab visible.

The Start Page button opens the Rapise Start Page.

The Spira Dashboard button opens the Rapise Spira Dashboard.

The Activation button opens the Rapise license activation screen. This can be used to deactivate the current license so that it can be used on a different machine.