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Selenium Settings Dialog

Selenium Settings Dialog

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This dialog box displays the list of mobile devices that have been configured for use by Rapise and lets you create a new profile, modify a profile or make a new profile based on an existing one.






How to Open


You can open this dialog box from the main Rapise Options dialog box (when the Tools tab is selected, it is listed as Selenium Settings).


Menu Options


This dialog box has the following menu options:

·Select Profile - This dropdown list lets you select a different Selenium profile to be displayed in the dialog.

·Save - This button will save the changes to the current Selenium profile.

·Test - This button will test the Connection (URL) from Rapise to Selenium WebDriver (which is used to connect to the web browsers) and the connection from Selenium to the web browser.

·Duplicate - This button will create a new Selenium profile based on the currently viewed one.

·Create - This button will create a new empty Selenium profile that you can edit.

·Rename - This button will change the name of the current Selenium profile being edited.

·Delete - This button will delete the currently displayed Selenium profile. There is no undo, so be careful!




This section lets you enter the URI used to connect to the Selenium WebDriver server which hosts the web browsers being tested. It is typically of the form:



Where the port number used by Selenium is 4444 by default and the /wd/hub suffix is added.


If you are using web browsers on the local machine (that is running Rapise) you don't need to enter in a URI and can leave the entire field blank.




This section has various settings, some of which are used by all mobile devices, some only by simulated devices, some only by physical devices and some are specific to the type of device (iOS vs. Android):

·Primary Capabilities

obrowserName - The name of the browser being automated. The current values are:

§Internet Explorer





·Common Capabilities

ojavascriptEnabled - Whether the Selenium session supports executing  user-supplied JavaScript in the context of the current page