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Internal Debugger


The Internal Debugger provides Persistent Breakpoints, Control Execution, a Watch View, a Variable/Call Stack View,  and Tooltips.



To use the internal debugger, you must first install Microsoft Script Debugger .


You can choose the Internal Debugger on the Rapise Ribbon (Test tab > Debugging menu).

ribbon, test, debugging

The top drop-down menu has  four options.  Choose the Run with Internal Debugger option.


When you Playback your test script with a breakpoint, the debugging related menus and views will appear:

The Debugging tab of the Ribbon


The following screenshot shows the placement of Debugging related functionality in Rapise:

internal debugger


In the screenshot above, you can see the Debugger buttons available in the ribbon at the top of the screen as well as the Variables and Watch sections in the lower pane.

See Also

You can use the External Debugger to debug your scripts as well.