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Mobile Testing



Rapise lets you record and play automated tests against native applications on a variety of mobile devices using either Apple iOS or Android. Rapise gives you the flexibility to test your applications on either real or simulated devices.




Since the process for testing mobile devices depends heavily on the platform being used, we have split the guide into two separate sections:

·Mobile Testing using Apple iOS

·Mobile Testing using Android




You can find the mobile sample tests and sample Applications (called AUTAndroid for Android and AUTiOS for Apple iOS) in your Rapise installation at the following locations:


Sample Mobile Tests:

·C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rapise\Samples\UsingMobile\AppAndroid  (testing a native Android App)

·C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rapise\Samples\UsingMobile\WebAndroid (testing a Chrome web app)

·C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rapise\Samples\UsingMobile\AppiOS  (testing a native iOS App)

·C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rapise\Samples\UsingMobile\WebiOS (testing a Safari web app)



Sample Applications

·C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rapise\Samples\UsingMobile\AUT\AUTAndroid (for iOS)

·C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rapise\Samples\UsingMobile\AUT\AUTiOS (for Android)


(we supply the sample applications as both a compiled binaries and an projects with appropriate source code)



See Also


·Technologies - Mobile Testing, for instructions on preparing your environment for mobile testing, including instructions for installing the necessary prerequisites and configuring the various third-party components that Rapise uses to connect to the device.

·Mobile Testing Tutorial - for a simple introduction to mobile device testing.

·Mobile Settings Dialog - for information on setting up the different mobile profiles for the mobile devices you will be testing

·Mobile Object Spy - for information on how Rapise connects to the device and lets you view the objects in the application being tested