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Options Dialog


options dialog, general tab



Use the Options dialog to change the global Rapise settings. Your changes will apply to all tests.


How to Open

Go to the Options ribbon and click the Settings button:





SplashScreen: A splash screen is the image that appears while a program initializes.  The Rapise splash screen looks like this:


Set SplashScreen to False to prevent the splash screen from appearing.




AutoReloadModifiedFiles: If set to True, any files you modify outside of Rapise are automatically reloaded in Rapise.


DefaultFolder specifies  where new tests are kept before you explicitly save them.  The location is relative to the Rapise executable.


DefaultSpy specifies which of the various types of Object Spy will be displayed by default.


Enable Execution Monitor - specifies whether the execution monitor dialog box will be displayed during playback.


FrameStyle: Specifies which frame to draw around objects when you Record, Learn, and Spy.

The Basic frame is on the left and the Modern frame is on the right:

options dialog, framestyle basicoptions dialog, framestyle modern


LoadLastTestOnStartup: If set to True, Rapise will open the last test you worked on and saved.  If set to False, Rapise will create a new test named MyTest<#> where <#> is an integer.  A folder for MyTest<#> is created in the folder specified by the DefaultFolder option.


NormalizeFileName: If set to True, files are referred to (in the *.sstest file) using a a path relative to the *.sstest file.  Otherwise, their absolute path is used.


RecentTests: The maximum number of recent files displayed in the Recent Tests list.  To see the Recent Tests list, open the Application Menu:

options dialog, recent projects


Remember Debugger Layout: If True, Rapise will remember the window layout for debug mode separately. For example, this may be useful if you want to work full screen while authoring the Test and half-screen to debug. This way the AUT and the Rapise debugger fit on the screen.


ShowDashboardOnStartUp: If True, the Spira Dashboard will open automatically when Rapise is opened.


ShowStartPageOnStartUp: If True, the Start Page will open automatically when Rapise is opened.


StyleLibrary: determines the color scheme of the Rapise window.  If you click on StyleLibrary, you'll notice that a drop down arrow appears to the right.  Press the arrow to see all of the Style options:

options dialog, style library