This page is maintained for older versions of Rapise only. The latest documentation can be found at:
Ribbon: Options





The Options tab provides access to all the global settings and options in Rapise. Settings relevant to just the current test are available in the Settings pane.


How to Open

The Options tab is always available in the ribbon.




The General section provides the following options:

·Settings - This brings up the Global Settings dialog that lets you change any of the system-wide settings for Rapise.

·Build OCR Font Database - Pressing the Build OCR Font Database button updates the list of screen fonts that Rapise recognizes when using an OCR object. Whenever you install new Fonts onto the computer you should click this button to have then added to the Rapise font database.

·Reset Layout - Pressing the Reset Layout button restores the default layout.  Rapise will restart.

·Spira Connection Settings - Pressing the Spira Connection Settings button takes you to a dialog box that lets you change how Rapise is integrated with the SpiraTest test management system. It will let you change the URL, username and password used to connect.


Web Testing


The Web Testing section provides links to the different settings that can be changed for web testing:

·Selenium Settings - This button displays the Selenium settings dialog box. This is used to edit the different Selenium web browser profiles that can be used by Rapise.

·Web Spy Settings - This button displays the Web Spy Settings dialog box. This lets you change the settings related to using the Web Spy to inspect the DOM objects in web pages.

·Browser Settings - This button displays the Browser Settings dialog box. This lets you edit and select the web browser profile being used for web testing (for non-Selenium browser profiles)


Other Testing


The Other Testing section provides tools relating to testing non-web applications, including Java applications, mobile device apps and load-testing with NeoLoad.

·Java Settings - this button displays the Install Java Access Bridge dialog box.   Installing the Java Access Bridge lets Rapise connect to Java AWT/Swing applications so that they can be tested.

·Mobile Settings - this button displays the Mobile Settings dialog box. This lets you configure the different mobile devices that are available for testing by Rapise.

·NeoLoad Integration Settings - this button displays the NeoLoad Integration Settings dialog. These settings may need to be changed when using Rapise with NeoLoad.