This page is maintained for older versions of Rapise only. The latest documentation can be found at:
Ribbon: RVL







The Rapise Visual Language (RVL) ribbon lets you edit the steps in a test script written using the Rapise Visual Language. Some of these operations are also repeated in the main Test ribbon when editing a test script that uses RVL.


How to Open


You can open the RVL ribbon by either clicking on the RVL icon on the main Test ribbon or clicking on the Test.rvl.xlsx file in the Test Files tab.






The File section provides the following options:

·Save - saves the current test locally. To save to a different location, use the Save As option in the File menu.






The Record and Plan section provides tools relating to recording tests, learning objects, spying objects in the running application and executing the test.

·Record - this button is used for recording and learning, clicking it will open the Recording Activity Dialog.

·Play - this button executes the current test.  You can change which test script to open in the Settings Dialog.





·Ins Row - This inserts a new, blank RVL row

·Del Row - this deletes the currently selected RVL rows

·Copy - this copies the selected RVL rows to the clipboard

·Paste - this pastes the RVL rows copied to the clipboard

·Undo - this undoes the last operation performed

·Redo - this performs the last operation that was undone, using Undo