Selenium WebDriver Integration

Rapise lets you execute your Rapise tests through Selenium WebDriver or Grid as well as using the built-in web browser plugins. In addition, you can write native Selenium WebDriver scripts in Rapise for ultimate flexibility.


When developing and testing a web application you naturally need to test it with different web browsers and multiple version of each web browser. With Rapise natively you can record a test script using one browser and then play it back using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

In addition, you can use Rapise with the open-source Selenium WebDriver framework to play back the same tests against other browsers such as Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera (as well as IE, Firefox and Chome). You can also use Rapise to write native Selenium code for cases where you want to use existing Selenium WebDriver logic.

Playback Rapise Tests using Selenium

You can extend the reach of your Rapise tests to playback using any of the Selenium WebDriver supported browsers simply by choosing a Selenium profile in the Rapise playback menu, it’s that simple:

You can simply use the existing Selenium profiles that ship with Rapise out of the box or use the Rapise Selenium profile manager to create different, customized settings for each of the browsers or to run a test against a remote Selenium server or Selenium Grid.

Writing Native Selenium WebDriver Scripts

When using the standard Rapise Record, Learn, and Web Spy tools you can create your web tests using the Rapise built-in Object Tree. This lets you design your tests using a higher level of abstraction than working directly with Selenium WebDriver.

Sometimes however you will want to be able to run standard Selenium WebDriver code inside Rapise using the WebDriver API functions. Rapise allows you to do this using the special WebDriver global object:

Rapise provides a powerful IDE for writing, editing and debugging your Selenium WebDriver scripts, with integrated intellisense, code completion and a powerful script debugger:

Hybrid Testing using Rapise and Selenium

In addition to being able to use native Selenium code on its own, you can also use a mixture of Rapise object-based code and raw Selenium WebDriver code in the same test, with full interoperability between the learned Rapise objects and the WebDriver functions.

Executing using Cloud Platforms

One of the other advantages of using the Selenium playback mode is that it lets you execute your Rapise web tests against a variety of different cloud platforms:

  • SauceLabs
  • BrowserStack
  • MobileLabs
  • Kobiton

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