Testing web applications is a core strength of Rapise. With its object recognition technology, support for HTML5 controls and DOM abstraction layer is makes developing reusable tests for browser applications very easy. For more advanced testing you can access the native browser DOM.

Web Applications

Rapise provides comprehensive support for testing Web applications. Rapise supports cross-browser testing. It uses the web browser Document Object Model (DOM) to interact with the current web page. The various web browsers on the market have various differences in DOM implementation. In many cases these differences are not significant. But sometimes they require special handling. Rapise tries to overcome the differences and make the recorded scripts as universal as possible:

Rapise has deep integration with JavaScript, XPath and DOM making it applicable for testing web applications of any level of complexity. So people familiar with web development should have minimal learning curve with Rapise. In addition, the embedded JavaScript Debugger helps you evaluate and investigate the run-time properties of the DOM objects as the test is being executed.


Rapise provides general support for all DOM objects plus specific support for the following HTML 4 controls:

Image Control Type Matcher Rule Record Learn Comment
button HtmlObject Yes Yes
radio HtmlObject Yes Yes
checkbox HtmlObject Yes Yes
text HtmlObject Yes Yes
password HtmlObject Yes Yes
textarea HtmlObject Yes Yes
anchor / hyperlink HtmlObject Yes Yes
select HtmlObject Yes Yes
list HtmlObject Yes Yes
table cell HtmlObject No Yes
div HtmlObject Yes Yes
label HtmlObject Yes Yes
span HtmlObject Yes Yes


Rapise provides support for the following HTML5 controls:

Image Control Type Matcher Rule Record Learn Comment
number Html5Number Yes Yes
progress Html5Progress No Yes
range Html5Range Yes Yes

For more information on HTML, please refer to this helpful HTML cheat sheet.

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