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SpiraTest has an extensive administration capability that can be accessed using just a web-browser. To reduce the burden on IT staff, you can delegate project administration to different users, allowing project managers to be self-sufficient.

System Administration

SpiraTest can be fully administered and maintained using only a web browser. With SpiraTest, there is no need to install complicated software or have IT staff involved every time you wish to create new project or add a user to the system.

This is the same regardless of whether you are deploying on-premise or in our cloud environment. SpiraTest allows you to easily create, edit, copy, and delete projects using a web-based interface. In addition you have the option of creating a new project using the customized settings of an existing template project.

Product Administration

You can delegate administrators of SpiraTest to reduce the burden on your system administrators. That way each project have a set of owners that configure the projects, setup workflows and perform other project administrative tasks on a self-service basis:

Template Administration

SpiraTest allows you to define reusable templates that each of the products in the system can be assigned to. This lets you define custom fields, configure the workflows and artifact fields for a single template that is then used by multiple products:

Within each template, the owners can customize the priorities, statuses, types, workflows, custom properties, email notifications and other settings:

User Management

SpiraTest allows you to easily create, approve and manage user accounts. In addition you can link SpiraTest to any LDAP compatible directory server (e.g. Microsoft ActiveDirectory). Once imported, SpiraTest will authenticate those users against that server, removing the need for users to manage passwords in multiple places.

For ultimate flexibility you can have a combination of LDAP-based users and SpiraTest managed users (e.g. for external vendors and partners).

Testing Settings

SpiraTest is designed to have sensible out of the box default options to make deployment easy, but for more advanced users, you can configure the behavior of the testing functionality:

System Configuration

SpiraTest is designed to fit into your enterprise environment and support your enterprise IT policies. It gives the administrator control of the default timezone and region/language settings as well as the retention period for log messages and other configuration data:

SpiraTest also allows you to configure the security settings to meet your IT security policies:

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