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Webinar Recap: How To Test MS Dynamics AX through the UI Like A Pro

April 3, 2020

On April 1, 2020 Denis Markovtsev took us on a journey exploring the testing of MS Dynamics AX through the UI focusing on the following learning objectives: 

  • understanding how to start testing Dynamics AX with Rapise,
  • practicing launching Dynamics AX from an automated test
  • automating the navigation within Dynamics AX
  • learning how to record a test case and make it a part of the framework for regular execution. 

If you missed the webinar, here are some of the highlight!

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Webinar Recap: How To Accelerate Software Testing, Validation & Compliance Of Your Medical Trials

March 30, 2020

On March 25 2020, Inflectra's Adam Sandman headlined a live webinar called: How To Accelerate Software Testing, Validation & Compliance Of Your Medical Trials. The webinar focuses on compliance with HIPAA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and discusses how SpiraPlan makes that compliance front and center of your software development and testing initiatives. 

If you missed the webinar, please enjoy this recap, complete with a video recording.

Webinar Agenda:

The webinar covered the following areas: 

  • The urgency around Software Validation & Testing
  • Best practices in Software Validation & Testing
  • SpiraPlan Compliance Features: Electronic Signatures, End-to-End Traceability, Audit Trails.
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Webinar Recap: How To Incorporate Lean & Kanban in Product Lifecycle Management

February 4, 2020

On January 23, 2020 Inflectra hosted a live webinar: How To Incorporate Lean & Kanban in Product Lifecycle Management. If you missed the webinar, here is a recap of the most important take-aways 👇:

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Webinar Recap: How To Write Good User Stories

December 19, 2019

On December 17, 2019 Inflectra and Sriram Rajagopalan hosted a live webinar: How To Write Good User StoriesIf you missed the webinar, here is a recap of the most important take-aways:

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Blog: How To Write Good User Stories

December 19, 2019

In the following blog post, Sriram Rajagopalan - Inflectra's Enterprise Agile Champion explores how-to's of writing good user stories and gives practical recommendations on how to achieve just that.

This blog complements Inflectra's December 17th webinar on the same topic, with the webinar recording available inside. 

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We've Built an AI-Powered Robot for Salesforce with Rapise - A Webinar Recap

December 17, 2018

Our last free webinar of 2018 had an ambitious goal: to use Rapise to build an AI-powered robot that can mine Salesforce contacts from email signatures. The presenter was Inflectra's senior automation architect - Denis Markovtsev who showed us how to design a robot that can read emails from Exchange mailbox, send emails to a third-party Machine Learning powered REST service for contact extraction, and how to create new contacts in Salesforce via the UI.

Some of you may have missed the webinar, so we made a recording for you, which is enclosed.

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How to Create a Data-Driven End-to-End Sales Order Test for Microsoft Dynamics NAV using Rapise

November 19, 2018

Dynamics NAV is all about Purchase and Sales orders. Therefore many end-to-end testing scenarios involve creation of an order at a certain step. Sales Order, for example, requires to fill in customer name and order lines. If there is a need to use different data in different testing scenarios then there is a requirement to make the Sales Order test data-driven. The enclosed video explains how to do just that using Rapise

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9 Easy Steps to Start Automating Software Testing

May 1, 2018

Innovations in technology have become synonymous with business growth and development. Regardless of whether a company specializes in software or application development, all businesses now have some interaction with software or application testing.


Software or application testing involves the process of executing a program or app with the intention of finding bugs or glitches. Whether it is creating a new responsive website, building a new mobile application, or developing a new software component, the system has to be tested. The rate of software development in general and testing in particular is rising for many enterprises, which has increased the need for more automated software testing. Those pre-scripted software tests can come in handy when a large number of software or applications need testing. Here are nine ways businesses can start automating software testing.

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New Ways To Use Project Management Software for More Efficient Projects

April 3, 2018

Project management software has been around long enough that it’s fairly ubiquitous for businesses of all types. Teams from sales and marketing to manufacturing and software development use project management software to organize the myriad moving parts of business projects. But modern project management software doesn’t stop at tracking projects. Valuable features and reporting built right into today’s PM platforms make it easy for teams to use the software to help them build better processes, save time, and increase profitability across an organization.

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