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Detected release version is mandatory in Spira Team
Hello I am using SpiraTeam with JIRA 6.3.15. I am noticing that "Detected Relea...
Incident Report Summary not complete
Hi all, First of all, I would thank your for your assistance and your product is matching our nee...
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Incidents versus Tasks; why even bother using Incidents?
An "Incident" -- which can be of type Bug, Issue, Risk, etc -- does not seem to be anything more th...
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Custom Fields in Incidents are not saving Values
Hello, On the Incidents Page, i have Custom Text Field as Fixed in Release. After entering the Val...
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Sorting using multiple columns in Incidents
Hi - Is there an option to sort multiple columns (like for e.g - First using Incident Type a...
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At My Page I want to display closed incidents as well
I would like to display all the incidents that was assigned to me and in closed status now. A...
Custom report of test cases linked to incidents
A customer asked how to write a custom Entity SQL report that displayed: Incident ID Incident St...
How to retrieve all the Incidents specific to a Status by using API
Hi, Can anyone help me with the endpoint details to retrieve all the Incidents with any specific In...
REST API - Linked Test Cases & Incidents
Which Artifact type in this list will give you a list of all Test cases and Linked Incidents? We ha...
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