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Discussions of best practices for using SpiraTeam in specific environments and with different lifecycle methodologies. Please do not pose general issues in this forum.

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How to customize Requirement Type for hosted SpiraTeam instance
10654 views 5 replies
Hi All, In SpiraTeam release 4.2 the Requirement Type has a default values of Feature, Need, Package (Quality, Use Case, User Story), and for the hosted customer we can't modify these values. I'd …
What story mapping tools are you using in conjunction with SpiraTeam?
742 views 5 replies
Today SpiraTeam doesnt have a story mapping tool (although I hope that they do someday). Are any of you using a story mapping tool (e.g. craft.io or storiesonboard.com) in conjunction with SpiraTeam?…
Splitting Stories
710 views 2 replies
What is the best practice for splitting stories? Right now, we have to clone the story twice, then filter all stories and make those two cloned stories children of the split story. There has to be an…
Resource Load Balancing
2722 views 2 replies
Just wondering if anyone has a good practice to handle the project resource load balancing within a project and across multiple projects. Here is the scenario uses in SpiraTeam: 1. You declare…
Creating sub groups
977 views 2 replies
Hi all: Is it possible to organize projects into sub groups? For example, is it possible to create the following hierarchy of Project Groups: External Projects (group) Organization Name (group) M…
Use of Spira for calling an electronic test harness and logging results of tests of electronic devices
1031 views 1 replies
Hi all, We have production processes for electronic equipment like for example TFT monitors. Now, at the end of the production of a delivery lot, each TFT monitor needs to be tested. Some of the te…
Avoid test case direct execution - without test set
1253 views 1 replies
Hi everyone, We use SpiraTest to execute test cycles. For that we run test cases from test sets. As users change frequently, we can not avoid some of them execute test cases directly from the test …
How to protect a project data after finalize it
5825 views 1 replies
Hi all, We want to have visibility of the project once it was finished. But we need to protect the data to changes. Do you know any way to do it? At this time we are changing each user permi…
Best Practice for creating a test server
5487 views 1 replies
I am looking to create an additional test instance to validate our backups. Is there a test license I can use or should I use our production license? …
How many App Pools should be setup per IIS server for a High Availability Cluster
5480 views 1 replies
Is the some guidelines on the number of App pools per IIS server, that should be setup for a load balanced solution to distribute the load? One per cpu perhaps? …
What is the best way to run tests on multiple platforms
5503 views 1 replies
What is the best way to run tests on multiple platforms? Our product are released on 5 different platform. (iOS, Android, etc.) We have 3 types of testcases according to test execution…
Project Backup and Migration Tool as command line version
5643 views 1 replies
Hi, is it possible to use the Project Backup and Migration tool with command line options instead of the UI? We plan to automate the backup of each single Spira project instead of the whole SQLServ…
How to setup roles and permissions over different projects
7451 views 3 replies
Currently I have setup different roles for different purposes like "INCIDENT Manager", "INCIDENT Controller", "REQ Manager", "REQ User", etc.! In the meantime I have some more projects and the need t…
Export to Project does not copy the attached documents
10939 views 3 replies
The Export to Project function copies e.g. Requirements from one project to another, but the attached documents are not copied, there will only be created a new reference to the existing document. Thi…
How to group test cases for multiple runs (multiple test cycles)
10156 views 1 replies
What is the best out-of-the-box way of grouping test cases together for multiple test runs (aka cycles)? It looks like test cases can be assigned to a release or iteration, or test cases can be ass…
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