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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTest. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTest.

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Test Runs Import Issue: Unable to import "Status , Actual Result and Incident Name" from Spira Test to Excel
61 views 1 replies
When I tried to Import Test Runs (Spira Test to Excel), I noticed that the status of all test cases did not seem to get marked correctly as all remain as Not Run (I have executed the test set with P…
Change colour for result status
94 views 1 replies
Hello, we need to change the colour of the result status N/A to seperate those testcases from has not been run. Where can i adust the colour for the result N/A? Thanks in advance.... …
SPIRA Test REST VS SOAP Implementation (web services)
224 views 1 replies
Hello SPIRA Test People, In my company QA people are using SPIRA Test for maintaining Test life-cycles and using as repository for all test cases. [ ver - SpiraTest v5.2.0.2 ] We have develop…
Requirements Filtering Dropdown
322 views 8 replies
To whom it may concern, For some reason when I am on the Requirements Main Page and I select a filter on the left-hand side, the dropdowns to access the lower level requirements no longer work and t…
Any way to stop the same TC ID being added to a test set?
241 views 1 replies
Hi, We are creating a large test set from a list which may reference the same test case ID many times. Is there a way to stop the id being added to the test set if it in fact already exists i…
Projects using same workflow
1124 views 3 replies
Hi, In spiratest we have a default project template holding all necessary workflow settings and ohter configuration stuff. Every time we start with a new project, the project setup is taken fr…
Test cases importing to Root folder despite having folder structures with Test#
409 views 1 replies
Hi, i have searched the threads for solution before asking the question here, couldnt find the solution, hence heres my question, when i import new or old test cases from excel (2010 or older), the …
How to handle items that cannot be tested.
268 views 1 replies
We occasionally have requirements that cannot be tested for various reasons. We still want to keep track of them and report them as part of our risk assessment. What is the best way to handle these i…
Test Case being blocked
264 views 1 replies
I am trying to run a test on a Remote Host that I have ran in the passed. I have never had issues with this host or with this specific test but now when i attempt to run it, the test case never initi…
Having Trouble Adding Test Cases Through Import
340 views 1 replies
I am using Excel 2010 to add steps to a test case that I imported from SpiraTest. For each test step, I inserted a row that has the ID of the test case in the Test# field, >TestStep is selected in th…
SpiraTest SOAP Webservice 5.0 Issue
398 views 2 replies
Good day. Im attempting the following from Python from suds.client import Client client = Client("http://api.inflectra.com/Spira/Services/v5_0/SoapService.svc?wsdl") testupdate = client.facto…
Imported Test Sets dont show linked Test Cases
4111 views 7 replies
Imported Test Sets using the office addin and the Excel template and then assigned test cases to the Test Sets. Was reading the integration like in the Integration documentation and noticed it…
Custom Date fields - how to set default
343 views 1 replies
I have a custom field of type date that ive added to our incident objects. I would like it to always default to the current date. How do i achieve this? …
How can I remove an incident associated to a test case whenI associated the wrong incident?
348 views 2 replies
I was running a test case and went to associate and existing incident to the test case but I entered the wrong incident ID and now I have no option to remove the wrong incident from being associated …
Issue updating Test Step.
448 views 3 replies
Hey. Im new to SpiraTest but Ive been doing a lot of work with the SOAP web services ( http://api.inflectra.com/Spira/Services/v2_2/ImportExport.asmx ). Ive recently faced an issue where I needed t…
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