Automation of Everything

Whether it's the web, mobile, desktop applications, APIs (REST and SOAP) Rapise helps you test it all. Rapise doesn't just test, it understands. It knows about a wealth of complex applications including, for example, Microsoft Dynamics. And it will help you manage tests spanning multiple technologies at once.

Automation for Everyone

Automated testing shouldn't be for coders only. Using Rapise, anyone can create and change tests. Rapise records your actions, then lets you edit them in its easy-to-use spreadsheet-based editor. Want to get into the code? Then dig in to our JavaScript-based engine that's a breeze to extend.

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"We have been using the Rapise automation tool for a few years now. I have been very impressed with just how simple the tool is to setup and record your automation scripts. As we have learned more about the tool we have found it to have all the functionality we need without all the complexity of many other tools out there. In the event we do have an issue its great to know we can rely on the trusted Inflectra customer support team that has always been awesome."

Dan Hauser, Sr. QA Analyst, RegEd
  • Rapise Visual Language lets anyone build complex tests in a familiar interface
  • Integrates with a wealth of tools, including Selenium WebDriver and Appium
  • Efficient Learn and Go™ helps you edit objects and add validation on the fly
  • Easily run tests from anywhere in the world using SpiraTest
  • Data driven testing brings the power of spreadsheets and databases to your tests
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