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Test Files View

Test Files View

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test files dialog



The Test Files dialog allows you to navigate and alter the Test hierarchy, including the following:

·the script
·Report files (*.trp)
·Images captured during execution using Checkpoints
·Analog recording files (*.arf)        
·data files


How to Open

The Test Files dialog is part of the Default Layout.


Context Menu (Folder)

Right click on a folder to see:

test files dialog, context menu 1

·Create File: Create and add a new file to the test.
·Add File: Add an existing file to the test.
·New Group:  Create a logical grouping of files in the test. This will not add a folder to the file system.
·Reload: Refresh group contents. Use it for filter groups  ('IsFilterGroup' is set to 'True' in group properties), e.g. for Report group.
·Create Sub-Test...: Launch Create Sub-Test dialog.
·Remove from Test: Remove the selected grouping from the test.  This does not delete included files from your hard disk.
·Remove All from Disk: Remove all files included into the selected grouping from your hard disk.


Context Menu (File)

Right click on a file to see:

test files dialog, context menu 2

·Open: Open the file in Rapise.
·Open Externally...: Open the file using associated program. E.g. if a Notepad is registered in Windows to open TXT files, then TXT file will be opened by Notepad.
·Remove from Test: Remove the file from your test.  This does not delete the file from your hard disk.
·Remove from Disk: Remove the file from your test and hard drive.


Filter Groups

Filter groups read its contents from disk according to specified path and wildcard. You may setup a filter group by editing group properties:

filter group

·FilterPath: Root path to find files via wildcard (valid only if 'IsFilterGorup' is 'True').
·FilterWildcard: Filter wildcard (valid only if 'IsFilterGorup' is 'True').
·IsFilterGroupt: 'True' if directory should show the list of all files matching 'FilterWildcard' belonging to 'FilterPath'.
·Name: Group name.