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Questions and discussions around using the SpiraPlan/Team plugins for either Visual Studio 2005/2008, Visual Studio 2010 or Eclipse / Mylyn.

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SpiraTest Integration with VSTS
930 views 1 replies
Hi I have recently purchased SpiraTest and would like to integrate it with our VSTS instance that our Development team use. Can anyone assist me with getting started on this? Thanks, Su …
Unable to connect to SpiraTeam repository, please check the URL and try again.
5388 views 2 replies
Hi, I am trying to add task repository ( Eclipse / Mylyn + SpiraTeam). Server , but in the validation settings I get error message : Unable to c…
VS 2012 SpiraTeam Project Explorer throwing error and won't start
7650 views 1 replies
Just downloaded and installed the SpiraTeam Explorer extension to VS2012 Premium and restarted VS, but it is giving an error when I try and view it. 1479 2014/10/30 03:34:…
Visual Studio 2013 Integration
7693 views 2 replies
When will a Add-In for Visual Studio 2013 and a SpiraCheckInPolicy for VS 2013 be available? …
Visual Studio 2010 SpiraCheckinPolicy does not work
7453 views 1 replies
In Visual Studio 2010 we can install, add and configure the TFS Checkin Policy, but when we try to edit or to use it during a checkin we get the following error message: Error loading …
Visual Studio 2010 SpiraTem Project Explorer crashes while opening a Task
7837 views 1 replies
When we are trying to open a task from the Project Explorer it opens the task view in the background and starts loading the task, but then it crashes with an unexpected error in the AddIn-Error mess…
SpiraTeam + TestComplete
7821 views 1 replies
I have TestComplete 9.3 and the SpiraTeam latest version. I been downloaded a TestComplete dll's from here , but I dont know where to put them. Anybody knows how integrate spirateam with tescomp…
how to find server name for ImportExport.svc
4495 views 1 replies
Hi, Thank you for your reply for my last query. Where I can find server name for ImportExport.svc file in Spira website which my project is currently using. Is that available in setting o…
how to update test case status in Spira using VS 2010?
8321 views 1 replies
I'm looking for solution where I can update test case status in Spira using C# (Visual Studio 2010). I would need: How to connect to spira using C# How to access test case How to change sta…
4498 views 1 replies
Regarding the plugin from here: First off, it is a great tool for working in TFS and negates the need for us to du…
Eclipse/Mylyn plugin Team>Commit
4407 views 1 replies
I am using SpiraTeam v3.2 with the mylyn plugin. I am also using CVSNT for source code control. Is there ant way to get an eclipse/team/commit on a changeset to record the files checked in in the s…
4671 views 1 replies
Not having used SOAP, how do I access the API. I need some examples I can modify . I'm using eclipse/java …
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