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General discussions surrounding the use of Rapise. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community.

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Rapise Handling POP-UP in IE
85 views 11 replies
Hello, We were unable to handle the Pop-ups in IE browser. Also unable to Spy the object in the popup, when spy the element it is highlighting the background screen objects but not from the popup. T…
User Lib question
41 views 4 replies
I have created a user library where I added the StartDynamics() function: /** Base Functions **/ function StartDynamics() { var dynamicsPath = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Dynamics AX\\60\\…
Can Rapise execute a test on a machine without user logging in?
102 views 3 replies
I want to schedule my regression test sets from SpiraTest to run them on a Virtual Machine nightly. Right now they dont run unless I log in to the machine and have the screen open. Can I schedule so…
Support for multiple browsers in a single test
42 views 1 replies
We have a project that needs to run end to end tests sequentially, but on a different browsers. We have created separate sub-test case for each scenario that needs to open in another browser, so we …
Jenkins to run Rapise tests on remote machine
66 views 1 replies
Hi all, We are developing tests on Rapise for Dynamics AX and web apps, which are installed on the remote machine only. Well need to set Jenkins to run Rapise, but since both applications are only …
Rapise Database Connection
58 views 1 replies
Hello. Im trying to connect to Oracle Thin database with DoAttach function. I use the default Windows driver for connecting to Oracle database (MSDAORA) but i receive the following error: Oracle cli…
Multiple users - web browser usage
192 views 2 replies
Hi all, Were using Rapise on a single VM with multiple users that log in as a separate (AD) user at the same time, and each one has a separate user folder (C:\Users\ ). Rapise is installed in the s…
Is Rapise supported under Linux
101 views 1 replies
Hello Can I run my test automation scripts under linux enviroment or under Open shift container. ?? Test scripts are writen in Java, if we are able, can we produce a jar file that could run in VM…
How to get a series of numbers from objects of a WEB APP and add them , and verify if the total value corresponds with the adding of those numbers?
128 views 1 replies
Im facing some difficulties in one case I have in my web app Im currently working with, where there are multiple rows containing number values changing dynamically time after time, and there is TOTAL…
Rapise injected JS loaded error
221 views 1 replies
I have a problem with using Rapise and its chrome extension. I have to use the extension otherwise the tests wont work. The issue is that it actually does not allow me to log in into the applicatio…
*.objects.js SVN problems
313 views 2 replies
Every time a new object is recorded, the object file is changed, new lines are added, all of which is normal. But, there are other changes to the object file as well. Some character(s) are not val…
Is there a way to set not only the (native) Browser but also the browser version?
282 views 1 replies
Example, if I need to Test against Chrome 65, 66, 67, is that possible in Rapise? I got a list of supported browsers I will have to keep in scope during the cross-browser compatibility testing, su…
Recording Activity not able to start when selecting a Selenium Browser
295 views 1 replies
Hi everyone, Im trying to set up my first test cases , and I have selected a Selenium Chrome browser and when pressing Record button, RA window is opened but it is unable to record the activity sinc…
Cleaning up the Object Tree
276 views 3 replies
Hi, Im in the middle of a big MS Dynamics AX 2012 project. There are a LOT objects as is now. There are many, many duplicates, just recorded differently across few different versions of Rapise. For…
Connect to a secure database and execute queries using Rapise
381 views 1 replies
Hi, I would like to connect to a database which requires login credentials. I was trying different things but failed to succeed. Can you show me an example of how to use Database.DoAttach to per…
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