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General discussions surrounding the use of Rapise. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community.

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Rapise injected JS loaded error
90 views 1 replies
I have a problem with using Rapise and its chrome extension. I have to use the extension otherwise the tests wont work. The issue is that it actually does not allow me to log in into the applicatio…
*.objects.js SVN problems
190 views 2 replies
Every time a new object is recorded, the object file is changed, new lines are added, all of which is normal. But, there are other changes to the object file as well. Some character(s) are not val…
Is there a way to set not only the (native) Browser but also the browser version?
164 views 1 replies
Example, if I need to Test against Chrome 65, 66, 67, is that possible in Rapise? I got a list of supported browsers I will have to keep in scope during the cross-browser compatibility testing, su…
Recording Activity not able to start when selecting a Selenium Browser
171 views 1 replies
Hi everyone, Im trying to set up my first test cases , and I have selected a Selenium Chrome browser and when pressing Record button, RA window is opened but it is unable to record the activity sinc…
Cleaning up the Object Tree
166 views 3 replies
Hi, Im in the middle of a big MS Dynamics AX 2012 project. There are a LOT objects as is now. There are many, many duplicates, just recorded differently across few different versions of Rapise. For…
Connect to a secure database and execute queries using Rapise
250 views 1 replies
Hi, I would like to connect to a database which requires login credentials. I was trying different things but failed to succeed. Can you show me an example of how to use Database.DoAttach to per…
Rapise and Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009
267 views 1 replies
Hello! I am trying to use Rapise v (trial version ) for testing Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009. I have a problem with Grid object. A ll tables return 0 rows, although they are filled…
Rapise to NeoLoad conversion
258 views 1 replies
Hi Inflectra, I have been exploring the possibility to perform a load testing using the built-in integration with NeoLoad but Ive had no luck. Whenever I try to convert a Rapise test to NeoLoa…
Passing test parameters to Jenkins build?
332 views 2 replies
Hello, I have one question. I have managed to run multiple tests in one Jenkins build via runtests.cmd file as described in the KB. However, I would like to pass the starting url as a test par…
CTRL+click - jump to method declaration
325 views 1 replies
Is there a way to jump to method declaration, something like CTRL+click in Rapise? Since we mainly work on Dynamics AX in JavaScript , and the *.user.js files can be quite big, it would be very…
DoDblClick when playing tests through selenium-webdriver
325 views 2 replies
Hello, I have an issue that I cant solve. Im playing tests through chrome webdriver and the tests fail when a double click needs to be executed(I can only enter value into the cells by using dou…
Exit from an iframe?
326 views 2 replies
Hello, I have ran on an issue when filling a form with multiple inputs. I am playing the test in Selenium WebDriver since thats what the client requires. One of the input fields is in an iframe - …
Check If Signed In Before Test Start
466 views 4 replies
Hello, I am trying to write a test that involves the actions of signing in and out of a web application. However, I also work manually in this web app as well so I need to sign in manually as we…
Sending Input to a Date Field
448 views 1 replies
Hello, Has anyone ever used Rapise to automate the action of sending input to a field expecting a date value? Im trying to do this in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application and cant seem to g…
Closing Chrome Gracefully
432 views 2 replies
Hello, I am trying to make a practice of including a step at the end of my RVL scripts that closes Google Chrome in a graceful manner. Previously, a help desk person told me to include this row…
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