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General discussions surrounding the use of Rapise. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community.

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Is there a way to set not only the (native) Browser but also the browser version?
19 views 1 replies
Example, if I need to Test against Chrome 65, 66, 67, is that possible in Rapise? I got a list of supported browsers I will have to keep in scope during the cross-browser compatibility testing, su…
Recording Activity not able to start when selecting a Selenium Browser
21 views 1 replies
Hi everyone, Im trying to set up my first test cases , and I have selected a Selenium Chrome browser and when pressing Record button, RA window is opened but it is unable to record the activity sinc…
Cleaning up the Object Tree
40 views 3 replies
Hi, Im in the middle of a big MS Dynamics AX 2012 project. There are a LOT objects as is now. There are many, many duplicates, just recorded differently across few different versions of Rapise. For…
Connect to a secure database and execute queries using Rapise
128 views 1 replies
Hi, I would like to connect to a database which requires login credentials. I was trying different things but failed to succeed. Can you show me an example of how to use Database.DoAttach to per…
Rapise and Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009
152 views 1 replies
Hello! I am trying to use Rapise v (trial version ) for testing Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009. I have a problem with Grid object. A ll tables return 0 rows, although they are filled…
Rapise to NeoLoad conversion
146 views 1 replies
Hi Inflectra, I have been exploring the possibility to perform a load testing using the built-in integration with NeoLoad but Ive had no luck. Whenever I try to convert a Rapise test to NeoLoa…
Passing test parameters to Jenkins build?
199 views 2 replies
Hello, I have one question. I have managed to run multiple tests in one Jenkins build via runtests.cmd file as described in the KB. However, I would like to pass the starting url as a test par…
CTRL+click - jump to method declaration
210 views 1 replies
Is there a way to jump to method declaration, something like CTRL+click in Rapise? Since we mainly work on Dynamics AX in JavaScript , and the *.user.js files can be quite big, it would be very…
DoDblClick when playing tests through selenium-webdriver
209 views 2 replies
Hello, I have an issue that I cant solve. Im playing tests through chrome webdriver and the tests fail when a double click needs to be executed(I can only enter value into the cells by using dou…
Exit from an iframe?
206 views 2 replies
Hello, I have ran on an issue when filling a form with multiple inputs. I am playing the test in Selenium WebDriver since thats what the client requires. One of the input fields is in an iframe - …
Check If Signed In Before Test Start
333 views 4 replies
Hello, I am trying to write a test that involves the actions of signing in and out of a web application. However, I also work manually in this web app as well so I need to sign in manually as we…
Sending Input to a Date Field
296 views 1 replies
Hello, Has anyone ever used Rapise to automate the action of sending input to a field expecting a date value? Im trying to do this in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application and cant seem to g…
Closing Chrome Gracefully
313 views 2 replies
Hello, I am trying to make a practice of including a step at the end of my RVL scripts that closes Google Chrome in a graceful manner. Previously, a help desk person told me to include this row…
Running tests in Jenkins hangs on Navigator.ExecJS
380 views 1 replies
Hello Inflectra, I have tried to connect Rapise with Jenkins and started running tests locally. Ive hit a roadblock when one of my tests halts on a line that contains Navigator.ExexJS(js function)…
Setup Rapise-v5.5.12.6.exe problem
324 views 1 replies
Hi, I dont have administrator rights on my computer. I downloaded the Rapise-v5.5.12.6.exe setup, and I launched the installation with the help of the IT team, everything seemed to be ok. At the…
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