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General discussions surrounding the use of Rapise. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community.

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356 views 1 replies
I need help on how to record and playback a dropdown …
Trouble recording or playing script
369 views 1 replies
I recorded a script and then created custom functions under *.user.js file. Saved the objects in the same directory where the script is. Now when I am trying to play the script it failed with below e…
Node.js libraries
454 views 1 replies
I am exploring the idea of using Rapise for automation and am wondering about Javascript library support. Would it be possible to integrate with Node.js libraries? For example Mongodb JS APIs: …
Error raised when I run the recorded script!!!
615 views 1 replies
Hi all, Could anyone guide how to setup selenium? …
Scroll Bar Issues
3218 views 1 replies
Hi Team, Currently am am using Rapise Tool for Desktop & Web Automation - The Issue currently am facing is not able to Record the Scrolling Up or down or on Clicks on Scroll buttons. Could …
framework in Rapise
3008 views 2 replies
Hi, Is there any feature in Rapise through which we can make a framework. Please reply as soon as possible. …
Performance tests in Rapise
3637 views 2 replies
Was looking into the user guide but did not find anything about how to create performance tests in Rapise. Do you generally suggest for loops in the code or are there any other way to loop the tests…
unable to create a test set in rapise
3217 views 1 replies
Hi, i am unable to create a test set in rapise. An error is occured i.e "Violation of foreign key occured" …
how to save and reuse test script in shared folder
2979 views 1 replies
we have created a shared folder to save test scripts, and recorded the test scripts, how ever when we are trying to look from other m/c we are not able to see the script/ object tree. on the …
How to call one test script inside other test script
3073 views 3 replies
Hi, I have created two test script Login and Home.Now inside home script i need call login script.How code reuse ability will work? Thanks Naina …
re-using test logic
3014 views 1 replies
How to play a sub test? …
Recording Embedded Flex Objects with Rapise
3102 views 1 replies
The application I'm trying to test is embedded Flex within an HTML shell. When recording automated test cases, Rapise identifies the HTML objects without any issue but ignores anything that is…
Where i can find javascript library predefined methods
2912 views 1 replies
Hi, I need to see all the predefined methods of javascript or javascript document beacuse i am unable to find such method which shows any user defined variable's value? Eg : function Test() {…
Object manager
949 views 1 replies
Hi, can you please explain me these two points how it is possible by Object manager? 1. With the adoption of Agile methodologies, the need to be able to adjust the test scripts…
Perform intelligent playback from SpiraTest by using rapise remote launch
995 views 1 replies
Hi, How to Perform intelligent playback from SpiraTest by using Rapise remote launch. I need steps because i am not getting in documents. Thanks Naina …
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