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This forum allows users to share custom reports that they have found useful.

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Is it possible to include more parameters to the test case summary graph -Reporting dashboard
27 views 1 replies
Currently on X-axis we can see two parameters ,Can it be done for more than 2 ? We are looking for a stacked bar chart which can help providing parameters on x-axis. …
Problems with a report not referencing a custom field value
1122 views 4 replies
When I try to use a statement given to me in this forum im getting an error when the report runs My intention in the report is to print out the user associated with a requirement. The users name is…
Requirements Word report : having titles and sub-titles ?
193 views 1 replies
Hello , Is it possible, when generating a custom report in MS Word format, to have some Word styles (Title1, etc ..) applied on Requirements headline , in order to build easier index and tables i…
Custom Report Formatting and Styles
188 views 1 replies
Im converting a manual test report into a custom report in SpiraTest. Ive had some success with getting the content into place, now Id like to adjust the styling. I didnt see any provisions for a CSS…
Changing the Test Case Detailed Report to show only latest test run
181 views 1 replies
We had a request from a customer to change the built-in test case detailed report: The Test Case Detailed report is very close to what we need, BUT it shows multiple test runs for a single test …
Date Compare in ESQL Query
242 views 2 replies
Im trying to do a date comparison in my custom query so that I can create a report that always reports on the last 30 days of test runs. Unfortunately it appears that every method suggested in the IB…
Applying business hours to custom reports
280 views 1 replies
I have created a custom report to display all overdue tasks, and the number of days by which each task is overdue. However, I have only found a way to calculate that number using all days since the o…
How to add summary to top of report
265 views 1 replies
I would like to include a summary section at the top of the task report. While I can manually update the values in the spreadsheet after I run the report. I would prefer this is dynamically done whe…
Creating Team-Wide Report Dashboards?
305 views 1 replies
I can create custom reports and custom graphs and have those available to folks on my team, but is there anyway to configure the project and/or reporting dashboard so that everyone on my team sees …
Requirements Summary Report
312 views 1 replies
The Requirements Summary Report does not show the Comments. Any help to get a report that pulls the comments within the Summary report. …
Is there a way to allow non-admin users to build reports?
378 views 1 replies
Hello, Im looking for a way to allow non-Admin users to build and manage reports for their projects but I dont see any options or role settings that would allow that. Is there a way to do it? Thank…
Writing a Report to Show the Electronic Signatures in SpiraTeam
465 views 2 replies
In SpiraTeam v5.0 we added native support for electronic / digital signatures . This was to allow our customers in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance be able to ensure that workflow…
Custom Requirements Traceability Report
495 views 1 replies
A customer wanted a RTM report that looped per row for each requirement, rather than having a set of requirements IDs concatenated with commas: his section displays a list of all the requirements w…
Custom Report Query to Find Tasks Linked to Deleted Requirements
496 views 1 replies
We had a customer that was looking for a custom report to find all of the Tasks in SpiraTeam that are linked to deleted requirements. These are requirements that are soft-deleted (i.e. have not been …
Custom report of test steps
657 views 1 replies
I work in a project which has requirements traced directly to test steps and I would like the ability to report on execution progress at the test step level. Id like to see which test steps are passe…
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