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This forum allows users to share custom reports that they have found useful.

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Problems with a report not referencing a custom field value
240 views 1 replies
When I try to use a statement given to me in this forum im getting an error when the report runsMy intention in the report is to print out the user associated with a requirement. The users name is st...
How do i reference a custom field value and not the internal id of the selection?
156 views 2 replies
the template below lists all the custom fields and displays them with their values. How do I reference a specific custom field if I dont want all of them listed? When I tried referencing CUST_02 it ...
Printable Test Script on Test Set
154 views 2 replies
Hi,I will print printable test script on the one of Test Set. Can I use some of templates from standard section or I must write SQL script to custom section?Thanks Petr...
Adding a custom properties field to a report
127 views 1 replies
We run a test run list report and I would like to add a custom field that exist on the test case page. The custom field is a user list. I would really just like to add the column to the standard sec...
Sigh. I messed up one of my reports ..
480 views 4 replies
HiCan I have a list of the names of the fields in the User file, please?BR,Lene, Tryg Insurance...
Knowledge Base 35 - list of all reportable tables
397 views 1 replies
HiCan I have a list of the names of the fields in the User file, please?BR,Lene, Tryg Insurance...
Create word test script from test set
424 views 4 replies
Hi all, We regularly have to print out our test cases into a word document.We usually have to have one word document per test set.At the moment we are entering all of the test cases ids and using a ...
Export Multiple Comments from Incidents from spira to xls
332 views 1 replies
Please help me guys , this is urgent I need to export existing incidents to xls – which is OK , however some spira have multiple comments and export just gives last comment. Any idea ...
Summary of Test sets executed
349 views 1 replies
Another report based on test sets that I then feed into Excel to extract deeper information about the current state of testing. Brief and informative.ver sample: ...
Test execution status per Release with Actual result
314 views 1 replies
This report allows me to use Excel to draw a lot of information from the testing performed over multiple releases to see how we are tracking, find recurring issues, produce stats on the defects causin...
All tests with test execution Status and Actual results fields
308 views 1 replies
This report produces a single line for every test case executed with the Status(e.g. Passed, Failed) and the Actual result as typed in my the tester. This is useful if the testers put the defect ID# a...
Very simple traceability matrix - Requirement to Test case report
355 views 1 replies
The attached it useful for reporting on test case coverage. I wanted this to be simple and clean. I hope some of you find this useful.Spira ver - SpiraTeam v5.0.0.8Report sample ...
Custom Reporting Resources
458 views 1 replies
We have had a request by Dave F (thanks Dave!) to create a new forum where users can share custom reports that they have found useful. This forum will be a repository for these items.As a helper, he...
Custom report scripts. Swap them with your forum friends
471 views 4 replies
Hi all,Until Infectra create something like a report script trading area, I suggest we use this post to share our custom report scripts.Please provide both:The query/script code in a format others c...
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