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If you install SpiraTeam or KronoDesk on Windows 8 or later, you need to make sure that the various IIS Roles and Features are installed. If not, you may find that various Menus don't display correctly or that the pages do not display any data. This article describes the features and roles that need to be included.

On Windows 8 or later, click on the Start page and go to  Control Panel > Programs and Features, then choose the option to “Turn Windows features on or off”. This will bring up the list of features and roles that can be configured on the machine:

a) You have the Internet Information Services installed with the following features enabled:

Make sure that the following features are enabled:

  • Internet Information Services

    • World Wide Web Services

      • Common HTTP Features

        • Default Document

        • Directory Browsing

        • HTTP Errors

        • Static Content

        • HTTP Redirection

      • Application Development

        • .NET Extensibility 3.5

        • .NET Extensibility 4.5

        • ASP.NET 3.5

        • ASP.NET 4.5

        • ISAPI Extensions

        • ISAPI Filters

      • Management Tools

        • IIS Management Console

        • IIS Management Service

  • .NET Framework 4.5 Features

    • .NET Framework 4.5

    • ASP.NET 4.5

    • WCF Services

      • HTTP Activation

      • TCP Port Sharing

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