If we consider the following sample web page:


This has the following checkboxes:

In this example instead of learning the three checkboxes, we just position the mouse over the entire cell and LEARN that:

Assuming that this Cell is learned in Rapise with the name 'Cell', you can use the following code to dynamically query the child objects of the cell:

function Test()

 Tester.Message('ChildrenCount = ' + SeS('Cell').DoDOMChildrenCount());
 var /**Array*/items = SeS('Cell').DoDOMQueryXPath('*');
 for (var /**Number*/i = 0; i < items.length; i++)
  var item = items[i];
  Tester.Message('Tag=' + item.GetTag() + ', Name=' + item.GetName() + ', Value=' + item.GetValue() + ', Checked=' + item.GetChecked());

When this is executed, it generates the following report: