We are in the process of adding a new testing server that we would like to be able to run automation scripts against.

 I just wanted to see if there is a process documented for converting scripts and objects to point to a different web address?

There are several ways of doing this, but the way that makes your scripts easier to modify in the future is simply to add a global variable to your test script:

g_base_url = 'http://www.libraryinformationsystem.org';

and then open up the MyTest.objects.js file and change all references of:

"url": "http://www.libraryinformationsystem.org/Books.aspx"


"url": g_base_url + "/Books.aspx"

(and similarly for other URLs).

Then you can just change the base URL in either the script or pass through a value through the Rapise command-line or from SpiraTest (as a parameter).

Alternatively you can keep the script the same and just add the following code at the start of the test:


or using a variable:



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