Current Versions of Rapise

With version 1.4 (and higher) of Rapise you can wait for a specific object to be ready by using the built-in DoWaitForProperty function of the Global object:


            // Wait for timer to finish

            Global.DoWaitForProperty('OnlineTimerTime', 'InnerText', "00:00:00", 10000);


Rapise v1.3.x

To wait for a specific object to be ready, you need to add following function for this purpose into your <script>.user.js file:



             * Waits for specified value of object's property. Function returns object handle

             * if object was found and specified property equals to desired value or 'false'

             * in case of timeout.

             * @param obj ID of object to wait for or object itself.

             * @param getterName Property getter function name.

             * @param propValue Desired value.

             * @param [timeout = 10000] Maximum time to wait.

             * @param [params] Parameters for property getter function.

             * @returns Found object or 'false'.


            function DoWaitForProperty(/**String|SeSObject*/obj, /**String*/getterName, /**String|Number|Boolean*/ propValue, /**Number*/timeout, /**Array|String|Number|Boolean*/params) /**SeSObject|false*/


                        timeout = timeout||10000;

                        params = params||[];


                        if (typeof(params) != "object")

                                    params = [params];


                        var start_ = new Date;          

                        var waitInt = 0;



                                    var res = null;

                                    if (typeof(obj) == "object")

                                                res = obj;


                                                res = SeSFindObj(obj);




                                                var prop = res[getterName];

                                                if (prop && typeof(prop) == "function")


                                                            var value = prop.apply(res, params);

                                                            if (value === propValue)


                                                                        return res;





                        } while((new Date - start_)<timeout);

                        return false;



This function may be used as follows:


            // Wait for timer to finish

            DoWaitForProperty('OnlineTimerTime', 'InnerText', "00:00:00", 10000);