We recommend backing up your SpiraTeam installation daily to ensure that in the event of a hardware failure you can always restore your system with as little data loss as possible. There are two parts of the system that need backing up:
  1. Backup the SQL Server database. This can be done manually by opening SQL Server Management Studio, right-clicking on the database name and then choosing Tasks > Backup Database. You should then perform a 'full backup' of the database to a file device and then copy the backed-up file to a remote storage device.
    To perform this on a scheduled basis, if you have SQL Server Standard or Enterprise Edition, then the SQL Server Agent can do this for you. If you are using SQL Server Express Edition, you'll need to use a simple SQL backup script called from a Windows batch file. This batch file can then be scheduled using Windows Scheduled Tasks.
    We have some sample backup scripts available at Compressed Folder Sample Backup Scripts.zip

  2. Backup the file attachments. These attachments are stored in the C:\Program Files\SpiraTeam\Attachments folder, and can simply be copied to another remote storage device. This can be done manually using Windows Explorer, or on a scheduled basis by using either Windows Backup or a simple XCOPY command setup in Windows Scheduled Tasks.