For example when using the DoDOMChildrenCount() function, If there are any DOM children, the assert passes, whereas if the count is zero, it fails. This affects whole test execution result, and in this example you might want to get the number of DOM children of an object and call a different set of functions in each case.

For Example:

function Test()

<log type="Session" name="RL-QWSD-08:username" at="2015-07-06 06:40:42.392"/>
<log type="Test" name="MyTest 1" status="Info"  at="2015-07-06 06:40:42.623"><data type="text" caption="undefined">Test Started: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp\MyTest 1\MyTest 1.js</data>
<log type="Message" name="Starting scenario: Test" status="Info"  at="2015-07-06 06:40:42.626"/>
<log type="Assert" name="Sponsors.DoDOMChildrenCount([])" status="Fail" Iteration="0"  at="2015-07-06 06:40:49.074" comment="Returned Value: 0" />
<log type="Message" name="0" status="Info" Iteration="0"  at="2015-07-06 06:40:49.084"/>
<log type="Test" name="MyTest 1" status="Fail" closed="MyTest 1"  at="2015-07-06 06:40:49.088" comment="Passed:0 Failed:1" />

The Solution
Each API function starting with Do has an assertion as a side-effect. However each of those functions has a shadow version starting with _ that is silent, i.e.:


instead of: