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Firefox HTML
 Recording w/Frames
 Recording w/x-origin Frames
 OK w/Config*  Partial**  Need Starting URL***
 Playback  OK  OK  Not x-Origin Frames****
 Web Spy

Recording Tests

Chrome HTML
For recording your scripts, we recommend using the Chrome browser for best results.

* If your website contains cross-frames, that is, frames that refer to another web domain, it is necessary to add a parameter (--disable-web-security) to your Chrome browser profile. See this article for details.


Recording scripts using Internet Explorer works well in general. However, as you are recording, the highlighting is shown around the whole window rather than the specific object.

** In cross-frames, not all objects are recognized.

Firefox HTML
*** With Firefox, in order to record successfully, you must navigate to the desired URL before starting the recording.

Playing Tests

In general, playing scripts works with all three browsers.

**** The only current limitation is that Firefox does not play commands within cross-frames. (OK with regular frames)

This article applies to Rapise 4.0 and later.