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This article explains the process for running Selenium WebDriver test scripts written in C# using NUnit, RemoteLaunch and SpiraTest.


Unlike running Selenium IDE scripts through WebDriver, You don't use the Selenium plugin for RemoteLaunch, instead you should use the NUnit plugin (see that will let Selenium tests written in .NET/ NUnit report back to SpiraTest and then use the Command-Line plugin for RemoteLaunch to actually initiate the execution of the test scripts.

Using NUnit with SpiraTest

To have NUnit report back to SpiraTest, you simply use the NUnit add-in that comes with our NUnit integration and use that in conjunction with the special [SpiraTestCase] attributes on the .NET / C# classes to denote which test case in SpiraTest the results should be associated with.

You can then run this NUnit script from the command line using the NUnit command-line runner or use the built-in NUnit GUI.

An example command-line to use would be:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NUnit 2.5.5\bin\net-2.0\nunit-console.exe" "C:\Subversion\Projects\SpiraTeam\Trunk\TestSuite\bin\Release\TestSuite.dll"

Using RemoteLaunch to Execute

Once you have the basic NUnit setup in place reporting back to SpiraTest, you can simply use the Command-Line plugin for RemoteLaunch to kick off the NUnit test harness. All of the reporting back to SpiraTest is usually left to the NUnit test fixtures themselves.

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