Unlike Subversion,  Git makes a whole copy of the repository and history, so there's no need to run a special import.

To add existing Git repository into TaraVault:

  1. perform a full local clone of the repository. Make sure to checkout any branches on remote that you want to have locally (so you can then send them to TaraVault)
  2. if you no longer want to use the old remote repository / provider run the command git remote rm origin [assuming your remote is called origin - if not replace "origin" with the name of your remote]
  3. now add the TaraVault remote with the command: git remote add origin [TaraVault Git URL] (e.g. git remote add origin https://git6.taravault.net/inflectratest3/sampleapplicationone/git/ )
  4. This will add a remote repository with the friendly name of 'origin',
  5. To send your source code to TaraVault run: git push origin --all. This will push all branches you have locally into the new repository.
  6. Note that you can call the remote whatever you want, and you can also have multiple remotes. For example, if you are keeping your existing remote, and it is called "origin", you can instead run the command git remote add taravault [TaraVault Git URL]


That's all there is to it!