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Several customers have asked us for recommendations and best practices for how to organize their test cases / folders and test sets / folders. This article provides some suggestions.
Test Cases

We generally recommend that you organize the test cases into folders where the test folders represent a permanent / time invariant aspect of the system, i.e. categories that won't be changing over time (for the most part). For example you might organize the test cases by type of test or area of the system:
  • Functional Tests
    • Module 1
    • Module 2
  • Regression Tests
    • Module 1
    • Module 2
  • Scenario Tests
  • Unit Tests
    • Module 1
    • Module 2
You could also do this the other way, with the Module being the top-level and the type being the second level.

Test Sets

Conversely the test sets (and their folders) generally represent a more transient organization of the test cases, perhaps to meet a specific testing need, release cycle or other set of objectives.

Unlike the test case folders, the intention is that the test sets will change over time and that the test sets will contain test cases picked from potentially different test folders.

For example you might have the following test set organization:
  • Release 1.0 Final Tests
    • Test Set 1
    • Test Set 2
    • Test Set 3
  • Performance Tests
    • Test Set 1
    • Test Set 2
  • Compatibility Tests
    • Windows 8 Tests
    • OS X Tests
    • iOS Tests
    • Android Tests
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