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Article Web Object Not Found in IE when Object has 0px Size

by Adam S on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We had a customer with a problem related to having <div> elements with complex display styles applied inside an HTML anchor tag <a>. The anchor tag was reporting back as having zero size (0px) in IE, so when Rapise tried to locate it to click on it, the browser was not able to find it.
Basically the problem is that Rapise clicks on an <a> element that is reported to have 0 size (according to IE), it clicks on the border of the link which is actually inactive. In this case, we instead should try to click on the 1st element inside the <a> element which is a <div>

The default XPATH recorded by Rapise points to <a> element:


And we need to tweak it to point to <div> element right inside of it:


After that the script will work as recorded.

For a full description of the problem and solution, please open the attached PDF that contains a detailed description of the issue and the resolution.
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