A customer had a question - is there a way to suppress the DoSetText or DoSendkeys methods from sending their text to the logs. They didn't want users to see this text in the Rapise (and SpiraTest) logs because they contained sensitive information (e.g.  passwords).

Solution - Quiet Methods

When you have this situation and you need to protect sensitive information that you don't want being recorded in the Rapise logs or uploaded to SpiraTest's enterprise test management portal, you can use the private 'quiet' versions of the methods instead.

So, instead of using the public methods:

SeS('obj').DoClick(); // clicks and writes to the log

Instead, each method has a "_" counterpart with silent behavior, i.e.:

SeS('obj').DoClick(); // clicks and writes to the log
SeS('obj')._DoClick(); // clicks, but does not write to the log.

This is true for all object methods (SeS('obj').DoSendKeys, SeS('obj').DoSetText and so on).


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