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We often get questions about how the attachments in SpiraTeam are stored, and what the relationship is between the X.dat files on the file system and the original filenames. This articles provides information on this.

Attachments in the SpiraTeam Database

When you upload a new attachment into SpiraTeam, it creates two entries in the database, TST_ATTACHMENT and TST_ATTACHMENT_VERSION. We will examine each of these in turn.


This table contains a row for each attachment, including the filename and mime type:

If you decide to upload a new version of the same attachment, the version number gets updated, but the primary key (ATTACHMENT_ID) does not change. The FILENAME field contains the actual filename of the attachment and the extension will be correct filetype (e.g. .pdf, .xlsx, etc.)



This table contains a row for each version of each attachment:

If you upload a new version of an existing document, the new row will have the same ATTACHMENT_ID (linked back to the TST_ATTACHMENT table), but a new ATTACHMENT_VERSION_ID.

Attachments in the Web Server Repository

On the web server running SpiraTeam, you will see a set of .dat files on the file system:

These files correspond to the ATTACHMENT_VERSION_ID (in very early versions of SpiraTeam it used to be the ATTACHMENT_ID). So if you know the ATTACHMENT_VERSION_ID then you simply need that ID's file:




Selected files will be attached to any email sent on saving ticket.

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