With the release of the new Rapise Visual Language (RVL), there have been some questions about how to use it to organize tests, subtests and multiple sheets. For example:

  • I see that I can create multiple sheets.  How does Rapise handle multiple sheets?  Does it run each in order or can they be run separately?
  • Is it possible to call a test in RVL from another test in RVL?  In other worlds, how can I create subtests and scenarios using RVL?

This sample demonstrates the use of script with several .rvl.xls workbooks each having few sheets (attached). This is a workaround-type of approach for Rapise 5.1, until the release of Rapise 5.2, since the new version  has "Include", "Scenario" and "Call Scenario" commands in RVL 5.2. This workaround is upgrade safe (it will keep working even in the future when we have 'Include' etc).
This sample also demonstrates passing data between sheets using global variables.  It is possible to make hierarchical scripts with more complex call logic using the same approach.



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