Checking the Configuration

Firstly, make sure that you have read the Spira External Bug-Tracking Integration Guide. This manual describes the different options for data synchronization (whether cloud-based or on-premise) and has a dedicated section in the manual for each bug-tracker, including:

  • Jira
  • Bugzilla
  • Mantis
  • Axosoft
  • Microsoft TFS
  • Rational ClearQuest
  • Rational Team Concert
  • Redmine

Troubleshooting Steps

Assuming that you have followed all the steps in the configuration, the next thing to do is follow these troubleshooting steps so that when you log a support ticket with Inflectra, you have all of the necessary information:

  1. Clear the Event Log in SpiraTest (cloud) or Windows Event Viewer > Application Log (on-premise)
  2. Log a new incident in SpiraTest, it should appear in Jira
  3. Wait 5 minutes*
  4. Change the status of the incident to something else in Jira
  5. Wait 5 minutes*
  6. Does the change to the incident appear in SpiraTest?
    1. If not, is there an error? If so, please copy it and sent it to Inflectra Support.
    2. If it does update, it is working.
  7. If it doesn't update, click Force Resync in SpiraTest
  8. Wait 5 minutes*
  9. Does the change to the incident appear in SpiraTest?
    1. If not, is there an error? If so, please copy it and sent it to Inflectra Support.

*If you have set the polling interval to a larger value, you may need to wait more than 5 minutes.

A change in Jira removes the release from the Spira requirement

This particular issue can happen when one of the automations in Spira changes the release. To resolve this:

  1. Go to Product Administration > Planning Settings
  2. Uncheck Auto-Planned
  3. Click Save

Screenshots added to the description in Spira do not show up in Jira

The reason why screenshots are not shown in Jira is that Jira does not support full rich text using HTML (the way that Spira does) so the descriptions will lose embedded images in Jira. When you make a change in Jira, that version (with the non rich text description) is then updated back into Spira. Unfortunately, this is a limitation with Jira but the attachments themselves to the screenshots will be kept.

Inflectra's Jira Configuration Helper does not populate the project dropdown

When you are integrating Spira with Jira cloud (hosted by Atlassian) and Jira server (locally hosted) you need to connect to Jira using a login and Jira API Key. You need to use this API Key when using our Configuration Helper tool. To connect to the tool you need: 
-  Jira URL (e.g.
-   Jira login (e.g.,
-   Jira API Key (see this article for creating a Jira API Token)
For more details, please visit our KB article regarding depreciation of password usage.

How to Report the Error Messages

For errors in the Spira Event Log, you can just cut and paste the text into the support ticket.

If you are an on-premise customer, saving the entire event log as an .EVT or .EVTX format file, zipping it up and emailing it to us is best.