Rapise ImageFinder

For example, Google Maps may find several food courts:

Food courts

And we can enumerate them on the map by finding the pictogram:

Food icon

To do it we need a template image that we want to find in our application.


Attached ImageFinder.zip  file should be extracted into the folder c:\Users\Public\Documents\Rapise\Scripts (so that ImageFinder sub-folder should appear).


ImageFinder should be included into the test by adding the following line into the Functions file:

eval( File.Include('ImageFinder/SeSImageFinder.js') )

Then it may be used as follows:

ImageFinder.DoFindInObject( 'ObjectId', Global.GetFullPath('Template.png') )

Where 'ObjectId' is for a learned object containing image to search and Template.png is an image to search within the canvas.

ImageFinder.DoFindInObject returns number of found matches of the image.

    var foundCount = ImageFinder.DoFindInObject('ObjectId', Global.GetFullPath('Template.png') )

    Tester.Assert('At least 5 items found', foundCount>5);

ImageFinder.DoClickOnMatch used to click on found image.

    // Click in the center of 0'th match
    // Right-click on match #2 with offset (5,5) px.
    ImageFinder.DoClickOnMatch(5, 5, 2, "R")

Template selection

It is important to choose templates using unique and non-overlapping pattern. For example, if we choose piece like that as a template:

Icon with background

The number of found items will be not high because it contains parts of the road and fragment of the river. So it is unique to a specific location.

Image finder does not support transparency, so cleaning the surrounding of the round icon does not make sense. Also overlapping icons would still be a problem in this case:

Overlapping icons

So recommended, resilient solution for this case would be use of fork&knife part as a template:

Good template


Sample test is available as an attachment to this topic.