Sometimes it is required to have list of files from some folder. Here we demonstrate how to get this list and how to iterate through it in RVL.

We need to use JavaScript to get list of file names. Go to the Functions file for the test:


And add GetFolderFiles function as follows:


 * Return an array with all files from specified folder
function GetFolderFiles(/**string*/folderPath)
	var folder = File.FolderInfo(folderPath);
	var files = folder.Files;
	var fileList = [];
	var e = new Enumerator(folder.Files);
	for (;!e.atEnd();e.moveNext()) {      // Loop over the files in a folder
		var file = e.item();
	return fileList;

Now it is possible to get array of files in a given folder like that:

And, if needed, go through the array in the loop:

An attached test case iterates through the list of files in the C:\Temp folder.








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