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If anything can be automated - it will be automated. You can use Rapise to automate day-to-day processes within a company to free your employees for more creative and productive job. Imagine you have data from third-party system in Excel file and you want to import it into Dynamics NAV instance. You have a choice either to develop a software program that does the import via Dynamics NAV API or you can create an automation script in Rapise.

If you will go API way be aware of a few pitfalls.

  1. It is development and thus it is expensive.
  2. You may need access to  a  Dynamics NAV server back-end. It may be hard to get due to organization's policies.
  3.  If you will need to change the integration - it will be development again.

With Rapise you can record the steps, parameterize them and get a data-driven automation script. All you need is user-level access to Dynamics NAV, there will be no need to deploy anything at the server-side.

Below we present a video that demonstrates how fast and reliable interaction between Rapise and Dynamics NAV can be.

Demo Scenario

Imported data contains information about books and authors.

The automation script is smart. It creates new vendor, item category and item only if there is no such record in the system.  For author it creates a vendor, for genre - an item category, for book - an item.



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