Web Scraping

Rapise can access elements on a web page and extract text from them. It can be as accurate as getting a value of a table cell in specific column and row. Rapise does not rely on OCR and operates at the DOM level.


Rapise Script

Execution Report

Screen Scraping

Rapise can extract text from elements in desktop applications as well. It supports Win32, .NET, WPF and Java applications.  Rapise can read elements in Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word and Excel. It does not rely on OCR and thus 100% accurate.

Terminal Automation

Send keyboard to a terminal window with Rapise.

Clipboard Automation

Many terminals support putting contents into clipboard.  Rapise  can either write or read clipboard value and parse it's content.

Web & Desktop Automation

Rapise can interact with Web & Desktop applications at the UI control level. It clicks buttons and enters text into edit fields. Rapise identifies and interacts with elements completely independent of screen resolution and application position on screen.

Full Support for Spreadsheets

Rapise allows to view, edit, read and write Excel spreadsheets. You do not need to install Excel to make these features working.

Spreadsheet Editor

Reading/Writing Spreadsheet from a Script

REST and SOAP Calls

Record and generate REST/SOAP requests to get data from different sources.

Database Connection

Connect to databases to read data.

Email Processing

Read emails from GMail, Office 365 and private mail servers.