What Happens on Folder Deletion?

  1. The folder is, of course, deleted from the system. Unlike deleting artifacts themselves, the folder can not be restored
  2. All sub folders inside this folder are also deleted
  3. No contents of the folder or any sub folders are deleted. These are all moved into the root directory

Contents are not deleted, because of concerns about accidentally deleting artifacts unintentionally.


How to Delete All Contents of a Folder

If you wish to delete all the contents of the folder, you must either select all artifacts in the folder and all subfolders and delete them one batch at a time. Alternatively, you can make sure the root folder for the artifact is empty of artifacts (ie only contains folders). Then when you delete the folder in question, all the artifacts shown in root will be the contents of that now deleted folder. It is then easy to select and delete these artifacts as needed.


Artifacts That Have Folders (as of version 5.0)

  1. Documents
  2. Tasks
  3. Test Cases
  4. Test Sets