Most of the artifacts in Spira are "soft deleted", i.e. they are simply marked with a deleted flag, and can be recovered easily by a project administrator using the Project History Changes option to review the changes, filter by deletes and revert the change. However when a system administrator deletes a whole project, it physically deletes the project and cannot be undone.

Recovery Options

The best solution is (assuming you do regular backups of you Spira instance) is to do the following:

  1. Install Spira onto another computer and restore a backup of your database onto that server.
  2. Use the Spira Project Backup and Migration Tool to download the missing project from that server into a .PRJ file.
  3. Now restore the project onto your live server using this .PRJ file.

What is the Spira Project Backup and Migration Tool?

This a utility provided by Inflectra that lets you backup, restore and transfer single projects between Spira installations:


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