(Note: this feature requires Rapise version or later)


Attached script uses column H for storing information about related requirements. 


In the User.js file we define a custom action for values in the column H:

OnRVLScriptStep=function(item, place, status, ctx, stackItem)
	if(place == "before")
		var row = item.Startrow;
		// If 'H' has value, assign an attribute, otherwise clear it.
			Tester.SetReportAttribute('Req', row.Ext.H)
		} else {
			Tester.SetReportAttribute('Req', '')


It uses value from the cell to assign a custom Report attribute 'Req'. If value is not set then the attribute is reset. So final report looks like:


See Also

Custom actions: https://rapisedoc.inflectra.com/RVL/Columns/#custom-column-actions