Step 1

Create a file named dumpmsi.ps1 and place the following content in it:

$wmipackages = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_product
$wmiproperties = gwmi -Query "SELECT ProductCode,Value FROM Win32_Property WHERE Property='UpgradeCode'"
$packageinfo = New-Object System.Data.Datatable

foreach ($package in $wmipackages) 
    $foundupgradecode = $false # Assume no upgrade code is found

    foreach ($property in $wmiproperties) {

        if ($package.IdentifyingNumber -eq $property.ProductCode) {
           [void]$packageinfo.Rows.Add($package.Name,$package.IdentifyingNumber, $property.Value)
           $foundupgradecode = $true

    if(-Not ($foundupgradecode)) { 
         # No upgrade code found, add product code to list
         [void]$packageinfo.Rows.Add($package.Name,$package.IdentifyingNumber, "") 


$packageinfo | Format-table ProductCode, UpgradeCode, Name

# Enable the following line to export to CSV (good for annotation). Set full path in quotes
$packageinfo | Export-Csv ".\MsiInfo.csv"

# copy this line as well

Step 2

Right click the file and choose Run with PowerShell.

Msiinfo.csv file should appear nearby.

Step 3

Open Msiinfo.csv file in a text editor and find line with Rapise in it.

Copy the highlighted GUID to clipboard.

Step 4

Open Administrator Command Prompt and execute the command passing  the copied GUID as a parameter:

msiexec /x {8084AC08-D567-4371-AE18-EF244255383B}

Follow prompts to complete uninstall.