When you use the Perforce provider for SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan, you see the following error message either in the log or on one of the screens:

PerforceClient:IVersionControlPlugIn.RetrieveRevisions() Error while running SourceCodeUpdate.
In Business.SourceCodeManager::refreshCache():

PerforceClient:IVersionControlPlugIn.RetrieveRevisions() [APPLICATION.PlugIns.VersionControlGeneralException]
Invalid Login!
Fatal client error; disconnecting!
open for write: C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\t13204t125.tmp: Access is denied.

This is due to a Windows folder permission error.

The Solution

According to this post from Perforce:

And scroll down to the bottom:

I was able to get around my original error (Fatal client error; disconnecting! open for write...) by setting the Identity of the Application pool to "LocalSystem".

In IIS click "Application Pools", right-click the application pool the site runs under, click "Advanced Settings...", and under Process Model change the "Identiy" to "LocalSystem" (Built-in account).

Thanks for all the help in resolving this.

The problem is that the IIS application pool that Spira is using needs to have permissions to write to the TMP folder.

So you will need to change the identity that IIS is using or you will need to change the permissions on that folder.