Inflectra cloud services (cloud hosted SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, and KronoDesk), as is standard for software-as-a-service solutions use multi-tenancy to reduce costs and improve performance. This means that, for most customers the hardware their application is running on is also running that of other customers. All data and activity for one customer is completely separate from all other customers on the same hardware. However, this design leaves users vulnerable to performance issues and even outages when other users of their shared resources have spikes in their consumption. 

To help ensure all customers have a consistent experience all of the time, Inflectra limits the resources individuals can consume and the amount of requests they can make to certain commands. When these limits are exceeded, requests may be either delayed or blocked. If an individual continuously exceeds our fair use limits, we will contact them by email. 

As an example, users accessing our externally facing API may have their activity throttled during periods of high overall CPU utilization, if they call the API at very high volumes over a sustained period of time.