If you are able to use the Microsoft Office marketplace to install the addin we strongly recommend that you do so. That is the official way that Inflectra distributes the addin and provides updates to it.

However, if the marketplace is not accessible to you but you still need our Excel365 addin, you will need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Take a copy of the latest manifest.xml file from the Excel365 open source, source code project on Github.
    1. Make sure that the following values all point to files at "https://files.inflectra.com". Comment out or delete any other values
    2. <DefaultSettings><SourceLocation DefaultValue ...
    3. <Resources><bt:Urls><bt:Url id="Commands.Url" DefaultValue...
    4. <Resources><bt:Urls><bt:Url id="Taskpane.Url" DefaultValue...
  2. Follow these instructions to place that manifest.xml file on a shared location on your internal network and "sideload" it
  3. Use the same instructions to give users instructions about how to trust that network share and then insert the addin

The manifest.xml file points to the same location of the files that the official marketplace addin users. This means that when Inflectra updates the official addin, all sideloaded versions should also get the update. There may be delays in this because of how the sideloading works however.