Below is a summary of the different error codes and the solution. Full details about each error are below the table.






Bad Request.' summary":"Field 'summary' cannot be set

Use API not password;
Complete Standard field mapping;
Auto-map users.


Bad Request. {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"rankBeforeIssue":"expected Object"}}

Define Priority field


Unauthorized.' Details: Basic authentication with passwords is deprecated

Use API key instead of password


Not Found

Check Jira URL


Not Found “Project with Key ‘KEYNAME’ either does not exist or you do not have permissions

Release does not exist or
Sync User does not have permissions to create releases


Internal Server Error

Jira internal error



(400) Bad Request.' summary":"Field 'summary' cannot be set.

This error may refer to the Summary that is not correctly mapped for the relevant artifact.
Please make sure that you have:

  1. Used API key in Password field;
  2. Jira Data Synchronization Configuration Helper tool (download link);
  3. Completed Standard field mapping for {Artifact};
  4. Set on the Auto Map users toggle button for this time.

If the error still appears in the Event Log, log a ticket with our support system with full details about the error message.


(400) Bad Request. {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"rankBeforeIssue":"expected Object"}}

This error is mostly caused by having a Priority field not defined in the data sync for some products.
We recommend you to try to set the Priority (not a custom field, but Jira default field) in Spira, do not leave that field blank.


(401) Unauthorized.' Details: Basic authentication with passwords is deprecated’

As the error says, there is an issue with deprecated passwords, because Atlassian switched from passwords to API keys.
Please make sure you are using a valid Jira login and API key. Read more about this particular issue.


(404) Not Found

404-Not Found error refers to Jira server URL that you have configured in Spira.

Please verify that the url is correct and does not have slashes at the end.


(404) Not Found “Project with Key ‘KEYNAME’ either does not exist or you do not have permissions

This can happen when you have an incident in Spira that is mapped to a Release in Spira, but that release does not yet exist in Jira (or does exist but was created manually and is not synced with Spira).
Ideally, the synchronization user should have permissions to create new Versions/Releases in Jira. You can map all incidents in Spira to just one "dummy" release and manually link that to it in Jira so that Jira doesn't reject the incidents.

Read more about versions in Jira.


(500) Internal Server Error

Error 500 – Internal Server Error refers to Jira internal error, so our recommendation is to pass this error to Atlassian support - this is outside the scope of what we can help with.
Please check your Jira application logs as they should give more information that will help you get assistance from Atlassian support.